For my family and myself, I too carry on his legacy and passion and I know he would also be proud of JC’s.

Though these two men never met, with their passion for life and their constant strive to make people happy, we bring them together here at JC’s where we know they will be the best of friends. Come enjoy friends, family and food at JC’s!

Our story is a simple one. Dennis and Diana came from different backgrounds and different places, yet their road led to the same place and one wonderful night they fell in love and went into business together with the Groves Bar and Grill and now they are expanding their passion to JC’s Steakhouse. Diana came from a corporate background and Dennis is fourth generation chef… but wait this story is not about us. This story is about our Fathers, hence JC’s.

We named our grand adventure after our fathers. “J” is for Dennis’s dad John Fillman and “C” for Diana’s dad Charles Blewer.

They were and are our inspiration.

Our Story

Charles is of equal stature, a self-made man who learned at a young age that he wanted to leave the small country life of Missouri and move west to California. The middle of three boys Charles learned to be mentally strong and within three years of arriving in California he owned his own franchise. Always the busy man, he expanded into other businesses. Soon, he grew out of the small California stores and moved to Arizona with his wife Donna and three children. Once settled in Arizona, Charles expanded into at least 9 businesses throughout the years.
Daddy was always a charmer, everybody liked him and yes, I was a daddy’s girl. Working by his side at a young age he showed me the art of small business that I carry on today. A magnificent father and loving  husband.  Sadly, we lost Charles in April  of 2017. 

John was a wonderful father and husband that taught all his kids to always do their very best and it was not about the money, but to do what makes you happy. So this is what I do. John was a nationally known chef yet so humble he would tell people he was just the dishwasher. He had three passions in life, fishing, food and family. With his wife Sandy they owned and operated or managed several restaurants in California, Oregon and Alaska. We lost John in 1994 at the age of 57 to cancer. He was a great man that I am proud to call my dad! So for my mom, sisters, brothers and myself I carry on his legacy and passion, his memories and recipes are always in my head and in my heart. I know he would be proud of JC’s.